Dr. Maria Kunstadter, Founder and CEO
Leah Sigler, Director of Operations
Matt McCormick, Sales and Marketing

When attendees at the largest event in telehealth saw our booth, they were simply amazed since many were not aware of our company or the significant opportunity in teledentistry.

We are truly the next wave in telehealth, and now the telehealth community is responding in a very positive way.

Upon reflection, we worked hard and our feet were a bit sore. But all this is now paying off – proposals are already being sent and contracts signed in a just a few short days since the conference ended.

Because you don’t go to New Orleans without eating amazing food, The TeleDentists were thrilled to have dinner at Emeril's Restaurant courtesy of Virtual Dental Care. Together with Floss Bar, we discussed ways to continue the advancement of teledentistry to help patients.












*Picture in Matt’s favorite place, Mulate’s The Original Cajun Restaurant*

But our work has just begun.

Get ready as The TeleDentists explodes onto the marketplace!​

The TeleDentists Take the Telehealth Market by Storm:



New business, partnerships and opportunities abound at the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) annual meeting, New Orleans.​

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