4 Best Options To Fix A Chipped Tooth

January 13, 2023

If you are sufferingfrom a chipped tooth, the best thing you can do is to fix it as soon aspossible. Fixing a chipped tooth is not difficult, but you must choose theright method for your situation. It is also important that you take good careof your teeth, so they don't get more damaged in the future. Fixing a chippedtooth generally entails restoring the teeth to their original shape andfunction. Some teeth can be fixed with a simple filling, but others may needmore extensive work. If you're unsure whether your chipped tooth will requirerestorative dentistry, it's best to speak with your dentist first. Here aresome methods which will help you to fix your chipped tooth:


Bonding is a quickand easy way to fix a chipped tooth. It is the most common way to fix a chippedtooth, but you may need to learn that it's the cheapest option. Bonding can bedone in one visit, but there are times when multiple visits are needed for thebest results. Bonding is typically used on front teeth or small chips in backteeth because these areas of your mouth are easier to clean and maintain thanother parts of your mouth with less access to water flossers or sonic brushes(which can damage bonding material).

Composite ResinFilling

A composite resinfilling is a tooth-colored material placed in the chipped tooth to restore itsshape and function. The filling is made of plastic and glass particles mixedwith a liquid resin. A special light hardening agent, called"catalyst," must be added to allow the material to set or hardenproperly. They are used for minor repairs on teeth that show slight wear ordamage but are not broken or decayed. Composite resin filling can also be usedif a cavity is present in your tooth.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneersare the most common way to fix a chipped tooth, and they are made fromporcelain or composite resin (a mixture of acrylics and other materials). Theycover the front face of your tooth and can improve its appearance. Theprocedure involves removing a small amount of enamel from your natural toothbefore placing the porcelain or composite veneer over it. You havegreat-looking teeth that match their surroundings, but there is no need forcrowns or implants because their job is just to cover up existing imperfectionson your smile.

Porcelain veneerscost more than composite ones since they are more expensive to make; however,if you want an aesthetic improvement without spending as much money, then thismight not be right for you because, once again it's all about what mattersmost: Your health vs. Aesthetics!


If you're looking torepair a chipped tooth, the most common option is having it crowned. A crown isa protective cap that covers the entire visible surface of your tooth and canbe made from porcelain or metal. You can get a single crown for small chips ormultiple crowns for large areas of damage.

Crowns are attachedto your existing teeth with cement and covered by gum tissue, so they lookcompletely natural and blend in seamlessly with your smile. A good dentist willmake sure that every aspect of their design fits perfectly with your otherteeth, giving you an aesthetically pleasing appearance while also protectingyour original structure from further damage or decay.


With all the amazing options out there, it's easy to forget that thebest way to fix a chipped tooth is still prevention. The next time you see yourdentist, ask them how they can help you prevent dental problems or even repairdamage as it happens!