Can't Visit The Dentist Try Our Top 5 Dental Care Tips

August 5, 2022

Visiting the dentist every six months is ideal, according to the American Dental Association. However, routine dental care check-ups can become challenging when life gets in the way. Whether that’s a global pandemic that requires everyone to limit outdoor activities or being in a busy period of your life, delaying one’s visit to the dentist is more common than you think. When this happens, it becomes more crucial than ever to take proactive steps at home to safeguard your dental and oral health.

Making Smarter Snacking Choices

Sugar is what fuels tooth decay. Limiting the amount of sugar that stays in your mouth after eating goes a long way in reducing the risk of developing cavities. At the same time, eating the right foods can also improve oral health, which can help you cut down on non-essential dental appointments. To naturally stimulate saliva flow and clean your mouth, eating crunchy fruits and vegetables is ideal. Chewing on any sugar-free gum is an excellent alternative if you’d like options.

Drinking an Adequate Amount of Water

Not only does this help to hydrate your body, but drinking plenty of water throughout the day is excellent for dental care as well. It works as a natural cleanser for your mouth, neutralizing acids that can lead to tooth decay. 

Using Products with Fluoride

Using this mineral compound in your toothpaste and mouthwash promotes remineralization, which is useful for building tooth enamel after it erodes naturally throughout the day.

Regular Flossing

Flossing daily is important to prevent the buildup of tartar, bacteria, and plaque between your teeth and below your gumline – spots your toothbrush can’t reach. When you can’t get professional dental care, this is the best defense against gum disease. Note that flossing should always be done before brushing. If you have never flossed or aren’t sure how to do so, it’s never too late to learn and start now!

Ensure You Brush using Proper Techniques Twice Daily

When you can’t visit a dentist for various reasons, dental care and taking charge of your oral hygiene are imperative. You don’t want your next visit to lead to costly and invasive treatments as a result of a lack of dental hygiene. Ensure that you’re brushing a minimum of twice a day for at least two minutes. Ideally, these should happen the first thing you do as you wake up in the morning and the last thing before you go to bed. Using a gentle circular motion with a soft-bristled brush is enough to remove plaque and food debris that can cause bad breath or lead to cavities.

Why Choose The TeleDentists?

Although there isn’t a replacement for regular dental check-ups, these guidelines can help prevent long-term damage when your regular care is disrupted. If you experience a dental emergency or require dental advice, consider taking advantage of teledentistry! At The Teledentists, we provide virtual consultations for a wide range of needs. At the same time, you can visit our marketplace for a wide range of dental care products you may benefit from.

If you have any inquiries about our range of services, don’t hesitate to contact us!