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Dental Medical Integration is vital for improving patient outcomes. Are you ready to step into theteledentistry industry? Contact The TeleDentists Now


Add Teledentistry to Your Practice

Bring the My TeleDentist program to your office

Thank you for your interest in participating in The TeleDentists consultation program. This is a growing and exciting time for dentistry, and we’re glad you are interested! There has been a terrific response from your colleagues across the country which has been gratifying to us. We have developed new opportunities which are being implemented every day.

Employing virtual technology in dental offices to provide teledental services to your existing and new patients.


Teledental Consultant

If you are interested in working as a TeleDentist or if you'd like to implement the My TeleDentist program for your office, please send us a message. We are busy taking calls, so please Send Us a Message below.


Physicians: Start Using Teledentistry In Your Practice

Inclusion of Oral Health in the Medical Home Primary CareProviders will play an important role in improving every patient’s overallhealth by educating/promoting self-care and utilizing therapies to reverse orprevent the progression of oral and many systemic diseases.

The TeleDentists Medical/Dental Integration Program can:       

  • Open dialogue between medical and dental professionals Provide a virtual dentist 24/7
  • Provide a virtual medical consultation from our network of telehealth partners
  • Provide quality patient care and accurate assessment, in real time, by a subject-matter expert. The right specialist enhances correct care – avoids risk
  • Pro-active patient assistance identifying appropriate follow-up care and enabling that appointment
  • Reduce healthcare costs for patients and insurers by improving oral/overall health
  • Develop and maintain in-network referrals to medical and dental providers

Investing in TeleDentistry

Teledentistry Market Worth US$ 2,614.50 million by 2027 to grow at a CAGR of 17.1%. Interested in investing?


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