Life Changing Experience using The TeleDentists

March 22, 2021

Sherry(not her real name) reached out to The TeleDentists in a moment of desperation. As a dental “phobic”, she had avoided going to the dentist for years, but now there was pain. Sherry consulted with one of our TeleDentists and he understood her situation. Not only did he get her on the right antibiotic, but here commended she see a sedation dentist that could put her to sleep for her necessary dental procedures.

Sherry got her medications and an appointment at a sedation dentist. She was so appreciative that The TeleDentist guided her to the right provider to help, she called the office to compliment him on her care. She went to the local dentist, anxiety free knowing he would put her to sleep to treat her, and he was also “awesome”. However, she could not afford the required treatment and emailed The TeleDentists office for advice. Without much effort, a caring staff member located a safety net clinic near her for care at a price she could afford. Our job is to make sure people find a dental home for ongoing care, no matter where they feel comfortable.  Once again, Sherry was grateful that someone cared.

She has had the work completed and when she came home from the dental surgery, her longtime boyfriend “put a ring on it” and proposed. And, she has shared all these events with gratitude to the treating TeleDentist and our staff---we really did “save her life” and change her life!

All in a days’ work! Good luck in the future, Sherry and Fiancé.