Should I go to the dentist during Covid-19

Leah Sigler
April 1, 2021

Should I go to the dentist during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

A year ago, dental offices shut down. Now, with the vaccinesbecoming widely accessible and guidelines in place, patients are asking if theyshould make their appointment with their dentists. While dental appointmentsare not typically an exciting event, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused even moreanxiety and fear around dentistry.

State regulations involving the safe practice of dentistryduring the COVID-19 pandemic vary far and wide. Most states in the U.S. havere-opened dental practices, allowing elective care. Some reasons to make adental appointment include emergency procedures depending on your level of pain,especially if swelling is present. A dentist appointment might be necessary torepair broken teeth or restorations, and extractions or root canals.

Dental practices now have personal protective equipment (PPE)and have implemented safety measures to help protect you. However, if you feelanxious about visiting in person, you should call the practice to confirm theirprotocol.

Furthermore, you can avoid unnecessary visits by usingTeleDentistry. If you feel you have swelling or tooth pain, you can easily havea TeleDental consultation to acquire antibiotics and recommendations. If youare interested in improving your oral health, you can always discuss optionsfrom the comfort of your home.

Before you make your appointment, talk to a dentist online! Youcan talk to a TeleDentist online at any time of day or night, or even in yourlunch hour. We can see you now!