Fixing a chipped or cracked tooth with restorative dental solutions

Sara Haley
July 6, 2021

A chipped or cracked tooth can not only be unsightly, butit can also leave the inner canals of the tooth at risk of developing aninfection or other concern. When trauma has occurred and a tooth is broken, itmay require assistance from a qualified dental professional. At TheTeleDentists, we can evaluate your condition through video consultations tomake a recommendation for the best treatment based on your unique situation.When dental work is needed, we refer patients to our network of dentalprofessionals, ensuring you have access to care right in your community!

What can be done about a chipped or cracked tooth?

A tooth that has damage that has resulted in a cracked orchipped tooth requires care from a dental professional to resolve. There are afew different approaches to repairing a tooth with damage. Below are a few ofthe more common recommendations made by The TeleDentists for chipped teeth:

·        Dental bonding – a fast and effective way ofrepairing a broken tooth is with the use of a composite resin commonlyavailable in most dental practices. In a single appointment, within minutes, achip or crack can be disguised with this dental bonding material.

·        Porcelain veneers – another way to cover abroken tooth is with a porcelain veneer. This is a shell-like restoration thatis custom fabricated for a patient based on the shape, size, and color of theirexisting teeth. The veneer is bonded onto the front of the tooth, disguisingimperfections. Porcelain veneers may also be used to cover teeth that are spaced,stained, or gapped.

·        Dental crown – teeth that might be susceptibleto further damage with chewing and biting forces may be covered with a dentalcrown. A crown is a ceramic “cap” that is bonded over the exposed portion of atooth, offering an extra layer of protection and strength.

How do I start the process of repairing my smile?

If you are interested in scheduling an online evaluationwith our team at The TeleDentists, we welcome you to visit our website at to get 24/7online dental care. We provide as-needed, non narcotic pharmaceuticals and, ifdental work needs to be complete, can refer you to a local dental practice forthe care you require!