Pioneering a New Dimension in Virtual Care 


The TeleDentists provides virtual dental visits for urgent oral/dental problems -- 24/7/365 -- and face-to-face next day appointments when needed.  


Here’s how it works;


Video consults connect the patient’s laptop, tablet or smart phone to a virtual dentist in The TeleDentists proprietary network 


  • Dentist diagnoses the patient’s problem using advanced virtual care technology
  • Dentist provides e-script for antibiotic and/or non-narcotic pain medication.
  • Dentist arranges follow-on care as needed: next -day appointments booked with an appropriate dentist, conveniently located near the patient. 


Benefits of Virtual Dental Care – Right Now.


  • Enhances patient access to dental care and pain relief
  • Eliminates guesswork about what is wrong
  • Avoids unnecessary, costly trips to the Hospital ED or Urgent Care clinic.
  • Supports dental practices nationwide​
  • Improves oral health. 

Solves Unmet Market Needs


Six million people annually experience an urgent dental problem but lack access to a regular dentist or are unable to find a dentist who can see them quickly.


Hospital Emergency Department (ED) dental visits are significant, costly public health problem.


American Dental Association documents over two million annual ED visits in the US for nontraumatic dental problems.


EDs not equipped or staffed to provide definitive dental solutions. Symptoms treated, but problems not resolved.


Delivers Value


The TeleDentists’ cloud-based service enables hospitals/urgent care facilities access to a specialist who can treat oral care level one problems at a fraction of the cost that would be incurred if treated by the ER doctor.


A Collaborative Partner


The TeleDentists saves money for health systems and insurance payers and generates new revenue for leading virtual care companies and sellers and re-sellers of telemedicine services serving insurance payers, self-insured entities, senior living centers, colleges and universities. 

How It Works 




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