Six Best Ways To Treat Dry Mouth Naturally At-Home

June 14, 2022

A dry mouth typically ensues when the mouth is not able to produce sufficient saliva in the mouth. Although it’s not harmful nor dangerous, it can be an exasperating issue or symptom to experience frequently. Here, you’ll learn about the top remedies to treat dry mouth at home!

Drinking Sufficient Water

If you experience an onset of dry mouth, do ensure you drink sufficient water throughout the day, which can help prevent dehydration leading to a dry mouth. However, be noted to not drink too much water at once as it can result in an upset stomach. Instead, take small sips of water frequently throughout the day.

Using Over-the-counter Products

Many don’t know that over-the-counter products can contain artificial saliva or medicines that are designed to prevent dry mouth or promote the production of saliva. They can help in providing relief temporarily and typically users see few side effectsa s compared to other stronger prescriptions.

Such products can include sprays, mouth rinses, lozenges and many as such.

Using Alcohol-free Mouthwash Regularly

Using mouthwash can be extremely useful in maintaining one’s oral hygiene, but it’s crucial to scrutinize and study what the ingredients are in your mouthwash. Using mouthwashes that have bacteria-killing alcohol can lead to the mouth easily drying out.

In contrast, mouthwashes that contain xylitol can help to kill mouth bacteria but also ensuring the mouth is moist. Many studies conducted have shown that betaine and xylitol are common ingredients that can effectively improve dry mouth effects.

Sucking on Sugar-free Lozenges

If you have a dry mouth, try sucking on a candy or a sugar free lozenge to prevent your mouth from easily drying out. By sucking on a candy, it helps to keep the mouth close and stimulate the production of saliva. It’s recommended to pick a lozenge that is sugar-free as too much sugar can cause damage to the teeth.

Avoid Drying Habits

While there’re remedies that can provide temporary relief for a dry mouth, making certain lifestyle changes can definitely help to lower the occurrences of a dry mouth or reduce the symptoms.

Consuming caffeine can worsen a dry mouth so avoid things that contain caffeine like tea, energy drinks and coffee.

Improving Oral Hygiene and Management

Maintaining a poor oral hygiene can lead to a dry mouth which ultimately leads to a deteriorating oral health. It’s vital to take steps in improving your overall oral hygiene, regardless of what the real cause of your dry mouth.

Practice good routines that include brushing, flossing every day and even finishing it off with a mouthwash. Using a tongue scraper can also prevent accumulation of bacteria on the tongue, improving overall oral hygiene.

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