Tips For Preventing Tooth Decay In Babies

While your baby’s teeth may just be emerging, they are just as vulnerable to tooth decay as the teeth of an adult. However, it is a little more difficult to manage dental health with babies because you can't ask them to brush their teeth or floss rather, you will have to ensure that you help them keep their teeth healthy. So how do you stop tooth decay in babies? Here are some tips that may help you get your child’s teeth to their optimal health level.

Brush Their Teeth

It is advisable to start brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as the first tooth appears. The reason for doing this s to ensure that harmful bacteria do not get lodged in the teeth and gums. These harmful bacteria will weaken the enamel and eventually cause cavities. When you brush your baby’s teeth, ensure that you use a brush that is specially designed for babies. They tend to have significantly softer bristles as the baby’s mouth at that point is mostly gum. The soft bristles will help protect the exposed gums while at the same time removing any food particles that may be lodged inside the teeth. You should also use a small amount of toothpaste for this task. If you are not sure about how to go about this process, speak to your dental care provider for tips on how to brush your baby’s teeth.

Watch What They Eat

One way in which bacteria multiplies in our mouths is if we take a lot of sugar. Bacteria use this sugar as food and the by-product is an acidic substance that corrodes our teeth. This is what eventually leads to tooth decay. By controlling the amount of sugar that our children take, we are able to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria in their mouths. For this reason, you should discourage your child from eating sugary substances such as candy and sugar-laden beverages. Fizzy drinks, even those without sugar, are bad for the teeth as well. This is because they contain acids that serve to weaken the enamel. This in turn makes your baby’s teeth vulnerable to bacterial attack and damage.

Schedule Dental Visits

Even though they may not have all their teeth in place, it is critical to ensure that your baby’s teeth are examined by a dental expert every now and then. This is because tooth decay is a progressive condition that gets worse by the day. Regular dental visits can ensure that any tooth decay problems are caught early and treated. The dentist will also examine the health of your baby’s gums to ensure that any emerging teeth are also straight and healthy. Seeing a dentist regularly also ensures that you have an expert who can provide you with information to help you keep your baby’s teeth as healthy as possible.

Don’t Share Utensils

While it is tempting to want to give your baby some of your food, it is not a good idea to share cutlery and utensils with your baby. This is because such a habit can help spread bacteria from your mouth to that of the baby. This could be a result of saliva and other fluids that may carry the bacteria into the baby’s mouth. You should also avoid putting items such as the baby’s pacifier into your own mouth as this may also spread bacteria into the baby’s mouth. If the pacifier becomes dirty, make sure you wash it thoroughly with soap and water to kill any harmful pathogens.