Types of Dental Abscess

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June 24, 2021

Types of dental abscess

Generally speaking, there arethree types of dental abscess:

     Gingival abscess:

This is the type of abscess whichis only in the gum tissue and does not affect the tooth or the periodontalligament.


     This type of abscess starts inthe supporting bone tissue structures of the teeth.


This is the type of abscess whichcommences in the soft pulp of the tooth.

Treatment of the dental abscess

     Dentalabscess may require symptomatic and /or surgical management.

The persons with symptomsassociated to a dental abscess should see a TeleDentist immediately. Dentalabscesses are easily palliated by a qualified dental practitioner.

People with problems associated toswallowing and breathing should connect with The TeleDentists immediately.

Treatmenta periapical abscess:

In periapical abscess, root canaltreatment can remove the abscess.

Treatmentof a periodontal abscess:

In the periodontal abscess, dentistwill drain the abscess and make the periodontal pocket cleaned.


The diseased tissue needed to beremoved surgically in the people with periapical abscess and recurringinfection. This procedure is be done by an oral surgeon.

If a dental abscess comes backafter this whole procedure and surgery the tooth may be extracted.

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