The 7 Main Use Cases Of Teledentistry

Teledentistry refers to dentistry that is done through information technology, rather than through person-to-person contact between a dentist and a patient. The process requires the patient to send in photos of their teeth for the dentist to examine. From here, virtual consultations can be done providing patients with a cheaper and more convenient option to receive dental services. Read on to know more about the service and main use cases of teledentistry.

Private Practice Services

Some private practice dentists and specialists are using telemedicine. Many offer the option of online dental consultations or provide follow-up appointments for patients. Furthermore, oral health care providers can create networks easily and quickly with the help of teledentistry. This new system of digitalized dental records and services allows patients to connect with their specialists more efficiently compared to traditional methods. 

Public Health Systems 

Teledentistry is becoming more popular in the public health systems. Some uses of teledentistry in public health include connecting people in rural areas with dentists or providing dental hygiene education to students at school. However, it is important to note that the delivery of services using teledentistry must comply with the state’s practice laws, and do not include the states that do not allow teledentistry practice.

Second Opinions 

Receiving second opinions on potential dental work is useful and effective in teledentistry. In the past, patients would have to set up an appointment with another dentist to get a second opinion of their prior consultation. These types of appointments can sometimes get pricey and inconvenient. However, with the help of teledentistry, receiving a second opinion is now affordable and convenient. You can connect with any dentist in the world with ease. This process is hassle-free, and it provides you with feedback from a wide range of professional dentists. 

Direct-to-Consumer Products and Services

In the past, certain dental services like whitening and teeth straightening were only provided by dental offices. However, telehealth companies now offer these services at greatly reduced prices.

Dental and Medical Integration

With the help of a teledentistry service, dental care providers can connect with other medical professionals. Connecting with professionals around the country creates the opportunity for better all-around care for the patients. In addition, it can reduce the time between consultations which eliminates the need for patients to travel for another treatment.

Home Services

Some teledentistry companies provide concierge services. With a concierge service, a dental professional will personally come to your home instead of setting up an appointment and going to a clinic. This service is convenient for those who are disabled, sick, or injured. 

Minor Dental Issues

For a minor dental issue like a toothache or any kind of dental emergency, you can connect with a dentist online at any time of the day. An online dentist prescribes medication and helps you find a dentist around your area.

Teledentistry is an innovative way to expand access to dental services while reducing the time required from dental professionals as well as patients. As you cannot get a cleaning or filling done online, it is important to visit a dentist twice a year. Now with teledentistry, your next dentist appointment could be from your own room!