How To Straighten Your Kids’ Teeth

March 5, 2023

Your kids’ dental health is important. This is not just because it gives them healthy teeth but also ha has implications for other aspects of their health as well. Many parents often wonder how they can help keep their children’s teeth straight. Here is a guide on how to go about doing this.

Understanding The Causes

There are a number of reasons why your baby may have crooked teeth. One of the main reasons is due to overcrowding. This is sometimes caused by genetic factors where your child’s teeth are large, but the jawline is small. This leads to the teeth becoming crooked and misaligned. Another common reason why your child may have crooked teeth has to do with behavioral factors. Children who like pushing against their teeth with their fingers may cause them to become misaligned.

Regardless of the factors that may cause this problem, here are some ways in which you can prevent misaligned teeth in your child. Here are some ideas to try out.

Regular Visits To The Dentist

The great thing about most dental problems is that they tend to develop over time. This in turn means that you have a chance to correct any issues that you may notice. One of the best ways to catch this problem early is to ensure that your child has regular visits to the dentist. This way, any problems with overcrowding can be spotted early and corrective action taken in time. It also means that more expensive interventions are avoided as the teeth do not become too misaligned.

Correct Harmful Habits

Pacifiers have many beneficial effects for your child, but they can also cause your child to have misaligned teeth. This is because the pacifiers tend to push against the teeth and that that early stage, this may cause the teeth to become misaligned. While pacifiers are great for infants, you should discourage a child from using it over a long time. By the time your baby is two years old, it should have been weaned off the pacifier completely. Other harmful habits include pushing against the teeth with their thumb. If you notice your child doing that, you should take steps to discourage them from the habit as this may affect the health of their teeth.

Proper Nutrition

While this may not directly affect how aligned the teeth are, it does play a role as healthy teeth are less likely to be misaligned, especially due to objects such as pacifiers. Teeth have a storing outer layer known as enamel and this is what helps the tooth to be strong while at the same time protecting it from bacterial attacks. Preventing problems such as tooth decay will lower the risk of tooth loss in a child. Teeth loss creates gaps which may contribute to misaligned teeth. By preventing tooth decay, you can lower the risk of your child having misaligned teeth.

Dental Hygiene

Related to this is to ensure that your child observes proper dental hygiene. Even if your child eats rights, there is always a chance that bacteria will attack and cause tooth cavities. Making sure that you brush your child’s teeth regularly, floss, and observe other dental health practices will go a long way in keeping your child’s teeth aligned and healthy.