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What is teledentistry?
Teledentistry combines telemedicine and dentistry, diagnosing and educating patients through virtual services. The TeleDentists’ appointments take place on our HIPAA secure, telehealth platform, powered by AmWell. The TeleDentists can discuss symptoms and oral concerns, teaching you ways to keep dental pain at bay. Our TeleDentists can prescribe non-narcotic medication and recommend dental products as well. Finally, the best customer service team will help you find an in-office visit if you need a dental referral.

What do I need for a teledentistry appointment?
Connecting with The TeleDentists is easy! All you’ll need is a computer, tablet, or cellphone with working audio and a camera. Any smart device that connects to the internet is enough.

Can my dentist diagnose me through teledentistry?
Yes! Our TeleDentists can diagnose your dental concerns through teledentistry. You can discuss urgent and emergent dental concerns such as toothaches, wisdom tooth pain, and TMJ treatment. Other dental diagnosis includes tooth decay, sensitive teeth, gum disease, dental abscess, periodontitis, gum recession, the effects of grinding teeth, cracked or chipped teeth, and signs of an oral infection. If The TeleDentists determine that you need further treatment, our Customer Service team will send a referral to a dental office.

Who can use teledentistry?
The TeleDentists are available to anyone with an urgent, emergent, or any oral health concern. Patients who have not been to the dentist in over a year should consider a dental screening appointment with The TeleDentists for guidance on improving their oral health. If you have a dental emergency or are in dental pain, The TeleDentists is an ideal way to get help immediately. Housebound patients, or patients with disabilities greatly benefit from a teledental consultation. If you are unable to reach your dentist after hours or on the weekend, TheTeleDentists are available 24/7.

What should I do for my toothache?
A toothache that won’t go away needs professional attention. It may be abscessed and can cause other serious health problems. A TeleDentist can assess if you need an antibiotic and follow up care.

How long can I wait until I do something about the problem?
That varies a lot. Some people have on/off pain that goes away and doesn’t affect their eating, but you never know when a flare up occurs that won’t go away. The sooner you have the toothache treated, the better, before it becomes dangerous.

Can you see our TeleDentists in their offices?

Yes! Some of our TeleDentists work in dental offices near you. Check out our dental network list HERE. We have partnered with the Retired Dentists Association and the Disabled Dentists Association, so many of our dentists no longer practice dentistry in offices. However, they are still licensed in dentistry, maintain their continued education, and are trained in practicing teledentistry to best serve you in your time of need.

What type of prescription can you get for your toothache?
The TeleDentists can prescribe any non-narcotic medications or recommend over-the-counter medications to help relieve your dental pain. Pain relief for tooth pain is an important part of our virtual consultations. Before you begin your consultation, our platform will ask you to select a pharmacy so that we can send in a prescription if your dentist believes it will help for tooth pain relief.

How long does it take to get your prescription?
We send in prescriptions electronically, directly to your pharmacy of choice. Pharmacies are very busy right now, so we work with you to get that prescription filled as quickly as possible. It may still take a couple of hours for the pharmacy to complete the order.

What if I need a refill of my prescription?
Please log into your TeleDentists account and reconnect with you dentist for a prescription refill. We understand that dental appointments can take a while, so if your appointment is a few weeks out, let our TeleDentists know in advance.

Do you have a membership plan?
Yes! The TeleDentists wants to make accessing a dental provider easy and affordable. That’s why we came up with our Virtual First Dental Program and our TeleDentistry Membership Program. Contact us now for more information!

Will I be able to use my dental insurance?
We make every effort to connect you to a dentist on your insurance plan. The TeleDentists accepts a variety of dental insurance. If your insurance plan is not listed, ask our Customer Service team how to file for a reimbursement for your teledentistry visit.

How much does your service cost?
Our consultations are $64 with no insurance or teledentistry coverage. But The TeleDentists partners with Employee Benefits Companies, Dental Insurances, and other Organizations that provide discounts to our services. Contact your employer today to see if they include teledentistry in your benefits services.

Will my dental insurance pay for the consultation?
We have partnered with Aetna, Anthem: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Envolve, and other insurance companies to help provide teledentistry at no additional cost to their members. Depending on the contract, The TeleDentists will require a co-pay of $50-59. When you enter the virtual waiting room, our platform will use your Subscriber ID to determine your co-pay for your teledental visit. While we work tirelessly to get the most for your dental benefits, TheTeleDentists cannot ensure your insurance provider will cover the total cost of a teledental consultation.

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