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How do you do dentistry by video?
We provide help, information and recommendations for many of your oral issues. We use national online scheduling systems to find appointments. If the situation needs a dental visit, our network of dentists will see you at an appointed time and office, within 1 business day, to take care of your emergency.

Check out our partner, Telscope, to see how this device aids many telehealth related hurdles!

How much do you need to see inside the mouth?
Reaching a preliminary idea about what’s happening in your mouth starts with a discussion. You tell what it feels like, we ask questions, we see you on the video, and then we can discuss various possibilities and outcomes. Definitive treatment will happen when you see your new dentist.

How do I know your dentists will make the right diagnosis?
All of our consulting dentists are Board licensed and carefully screened by our company. The dentists we refer you to are pre-screened by two national companies using only the best dentists available. Our goal is to give you both relief from discomfort and treatment at your preferred dental office. You will have the opportunity to discuss your treatment plan with your treating dentist.

Will I be able to use my dental insurance?
We make every effort to connect you to a dentist on your insurance plan.

How much does your service cost?
Some telehealth plans include a dental consultation with your package. If you visit a kiosk at a retail walk-in clinic or hospital, prices vary based depending on the facility.

Will my dental insurance pay for the consultation?
We have partnered with Aetna, Cigna and Anthem: Blue Cross Blue Shield companies to help provide teledentistry at no additional cost to select dental customers. We can not ensure your insurance provider will cover the cost of a teledental consultation.

Who do I talk to about getting treatment for Dry Mouth?
You may want to talk to our teledentists about our affiliate, Saliwell. Their SaliPen device treats and cures dry mouth for many patients!

Who do I talk to about getting treatment for jaw pain and TMJ?
You may want to talk to our teledentists about our affiliate, Speed2Treat. Their device offers relief for TMJ and jaw pain or strains of many types.

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