TeleDentists® & VSEE PARTNER​

The TeleDentists and VSee Partner to Expand Access to Dental Care and Reduce Healthcare Costs




The TeleDentists and VSee are announcing their partnership to pioneer teledentistry services. Using VSee telehealth platform and HIPPA-compliant video communications, The TeleDentists are providing virtual dental care including oral health risk assessment, prevention, and urgent dental consultations that can lower healthcare and employer costs due to non-urgent ER visits.


The partnership of The TeleDentists and VSee fills a need in the marketplace for teledentistry. Over 125 million Americans do not see a dentist on a regular basis due to geography, expense, or embarrassment. An average of 320.8 million work or school hours were lost annually for dental care, of which 92.4 million hours were for emergency care. Furthermore, over $1.7 billion dollars were spent in the Emergency Rooms on dental codes in 2015.


The solution offered through The TeleDentists allows individuals affordable and convenient access to dental care which research shows reduced healthcare costs by 17%. Through this partnership, a new solution to dental virtual care has emerged.


“Partnering with VSee has enabled us to reach out nationwide and internationally, to provide access to oral healthcare easily available through ourmany programs. It gives us the ability to easily connect with other telehealth providers also using the platform providing a consistent experience for the end user,” said Dr. Maria Kunstadter, DDS and cofounder of The TeleDentists.


“We do telehealth because so many are in need of more affordable and better access to healthcare - including oral health. Studies show links between poor oral health and preventable chronic diseases such as diabetes. The TeleDentists are providing a critical and innovative solution to our oral health cost and access problems. VSee is very excited to be their telehealth platform of choice, ” said Dr. Milton Chen, cofounder and CEO of VSee.


The TeleDentists offers several programs, including

  • Dental Second Opinions, giving patients the opportunity to consult with specialists on a proposed dental treatment.

  • The Education Center (accessible to the public), where users can discuss products and home care with dental hygienists.

  • Smile Survey to see how their smile scores from 1-10. For those who want to improve their score, The TeleDentists are available to give oral hygiene instructions and product recommendations.


About The TeleDentists


The TeleDentists is pioneering tele-dentistry with an easily accessible solution to urgent oral and dental problems 24/7/365. A proprietary, national network of Board Licensed dentists use secure online video consults to connect with patients’ smart phones, laptops or tablets. They diagnose problems, start remediation and, when needed,
arrange next business day appointments with a conveniently located dentist. The service is available to hospitals, urgent care facilities, retail clinics, self-insured corporations, senior-living centers, universities and telemedicine service providers. The TeleDentists is funded by SalivaMax. Visit


About VSee

VSee makes clinicians love doing medicine again through simple, scalable telehealth solutions. It is the chosen video visit provider of NASA Space Station, Walgreens, DaVita, Trinity, McKesson, MDLIVE, and 1000+. VSee is known for its simple design, robust technology, highly versatile solutions, and personalized service. More at


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