5 Star Google Review by Can K.


"I was starting to feel slight tooth pain in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to lockdown restrictions, dentist would only see emergency cases, which I did not qualify for. However, as the pain started to increase, I got increasingly worried and didn't know who to turn to to get it checked out. A friend told me about The TeleDentist, and I immediately gave it a try. Within minutes, I could set up a video appointment with a knowledgeable dentist who took the time to understand my problem. He was very aware of the contact restrictions and suggested that my pain most likely comes form a widened gap between two teeth, between which food gets caught, a topic which I could safely deal with after the restrictions are lifted. This feedback gave me a great peace of mind I don't know I could have found anywhere else!‚Äč"


5 Star Google Review by Muriel S.


Excellent consultation. Diagnosed exactly what my regular dentist did when they saw me in person. Very caring and professional. An essential quality service for the public. Thank you.


5 Star Google Review by Mary B.


OMG!! The TeleDentists is an awesome benefit offered through my one-stop shop Health Care company CIGNA. I had a video dental appointment with a TeleDentist during the Covid-19 and it was a "Life Saver" or "ToothSaver" in my case. The Dentist was pleasant, knowledgeable and very helpful!! I had an infection underneath my gumline from a root canal that needs more attention once the Endodontics and Periodontics open up again. HUGE Thank you to The TeleDentists!! You ROCK!!!