Francie S.  |  May 2018

Testimonial for The TeleDentists

Laura H.  |  May 2018

Testimonial for The TeleDentists

Joe  |  June 2018


While attending an out-of-town business meeting I was experiencing significant tooth/gum pain in my lower left side.  I gave it an extra brushing and a deep flossing trying to dislodge what might have been causing the pain.  As things got worse the next day I was in somewhat of a panic since I had plans to spend the weekend away from home after leaving my meeting. 



Luckily, I could contact The TeleDentists and get a video consultation with a dentist within minutes who quickly diagnosed my problem as an infected gum, sent an antibiotic prescription to a local pharmacy and recommended over-the-counter pain medication.  The best is that The TeleDentists also set up an appointment for the next day at the beach community I was headed to.  I saw the dentist who confirmed the diagnosis and agreed with the course of treatment until I could return home to my local dentist.  My weekend was saved.  Thank you, The TeleDentists




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