The TeleDentists Collaborate with Orofacial Therapeutics to Heal Acute Jaw Pain and TMJ Flare-ups

Kansas City, MO and San Diego, CA
October 13, 2020

The TeleDentists are partnering with Orofacial Therapeutics to guide patients on a path to heal acute jaw pain including clenching, TMJ disorders, jaw injuries, headaches, and more. Orofacial Therapeutics created the Speed2Treat® Home Healing Kit for acute head, neck, and jaw pain. The Teledentists is a nationwide network of dentists who are available 24/7 and recommend the Speed2Treat® Home Healing Kit with telehealth progress monitoring. For dentists, this is an effective, contactless way to support patient recovery. For patients, immediate access to telehealth consults.

The two companies will also evaluate complex conditions by orofacial pain specialists 1 By using telehealth for initial screening, FaceMyPain specialists can recommend nextsteps for differential diagnoses and identify local area providers for quicker access to care and treatment options.

The TeleDentists co-founder and President, Dr. Maria Kunstadter, states, “We are excited to partner with Speed2Treat and FaceMyPain to be able to offer help to people who suffer from TMJ and facial pain. The stresses we are under with Covid, elections, employment and schools open/closed to name a few makes clenching and headaches more common complaints to The TeleDentists. More tools to help means more people feel better.”

"Despite a high incidence rate, there has not been a clear orthopedic model of care for treating acutehead, neck and jaw sprain/strain injury that fits the typical patient journey to their primary provider, ER or urgent care. Until today. The TeleDentists can meet the needs of this patient population and offer theSpeed2Treat Home Healing Kit’s conservative, cost-effective care plan.” - Dr. Brad Eli, orofacial painspecialist, co-founder of Orofacial Therapeutics

About The TeleDentists

The TeleDentists delivers vital services virtually wherever, whenever a dentist is needed. A proprietary, national network of licensed dentists use secure online video consults to connect with patients’ smartphones, laptops, or tablets. The TeleDentists evaluate problems, start remediation and, when needed, arrange next business day appointments with a conveniently located dentist.

About Orofacial Therapeutics

Orofacial Therapeutics collaborates with dental and medical professionals and educators to deliver diagnostic aids, treatment protocols and recovery solutions for facial, head, neck, and jaw pain. The company’s products include QuickSplint® ( and the Speed2Treat® Home Healing Kit( In 2019, launched its online service designed for patients, referring doctors and payors who search for providers and treatment options to address orofacial pain conditions, from the common to complex.

1 In March 2020, the American Dental Association approved the Orofacial Pain Specialty status. Orofacial PainSpecialists have post-graduate training and are certified by the American Board of Orofacial Pain.