The TeleDentists’ Co-Founder and President Accepts Advisory Board Position with The Center for Telehealth and e-Health Law

Kansas City, Missouri
October 21, 2020

Dr. Maria Kunstadter, President and Co-Founder of The TeleDentists, has been appointed to the Advisory Board of CTeL as the first dental professional on the board. CTeL, which is The  is an important resource for U.S.-based healthcare practitioners. It offers information about law, ehealth, telemedicine and telehealth. With the appointment of Dr. Kunstadter, CTeL is integrating the dental profession and teledentistry as part of their advisory board.

“This is a huge step for TeleDentistry to be included now, since teledentistry has become a vital healthcare solution during the Covid19 pandemic. Now, I hope to be active with CTeL so that teledentistry continues to be a key player in the telehealth arena,” says Dr. Kunstadter.

CTeL’s future planned publications include a 50-state analysis of prescribing standards for telemedicine, doctors’ liability if you do not use telemedicine and standards of care to follow, which applies to the practices of teledentistry as a subspeciality of medicine. Appointing Dr. Kunstadter to the advisory board is a big step towards advancing teledentistry even more.

“We are so pleased to have Dr. Kunstadter join our Advisory Board,” said CTeL Executive Director Christa Natoli. “She brings a wealth of experience in the dental space and is a trailblazer in teledentistry. We look forward to her guidance as we provide education and advocacy for the telehealth community.”

About Dr. Maria Kunstadter

Dr. Maria Kunstadter, DDS, is a graduate of University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Dentistry, and has been in private practice of dentistry for 35+ years. She is the Co-Founder of The Smile Salon, a dental spa. More recently, she established The TeleDentists (a new branch of telemedicine).  Dr. Kunstadter is a Founding Member of the American Academy of Clear Aligners, Academy of Laser Dentistry, and UMKC Dental Outreach Program; she is a board member of World Outreach Foundation. Dr. Kunstadter is the first woman to become an Elite Preferred Provider for Invisalign (1% in the world and 1st woman), and continues to speak for Invisalign internationally.

About The TeleDentsits

The TeleDentists delivers vital dental services virtually wherever, whenever a dentist is needed. A proprietary, national network of licensed dentists use secure online video consults to connect with patients’ smart phones, laptops or tablets. They evaluate problems, start remediation and, when needed, arrange next business day appointments with a conveniently located dentist. Visit