The TeleDentists and Side Effect Support Partner to Provide Virtual Dental Care for Cancer Patients

Kansas City, Missouri
February 16, 2021

Side Effect Support LLC offers a convenient source for free patient informationand affordable products to help manage oral health symptoms and risks caused bycancer therapies, such as chemotherapy and radiation. Now, in addition to theseservices, Side Effect Support is bridging the gap between the oncology anddental teams through virtual consults for patients. Using The TeleDentists teledentalplatform, these companies are working to provide access to dental care forpatients during their cancer treatments and throughout survivorship. Thispartnership provides help with dental emergencies, answers to oral/overallhealth issues, product recommendations, and more.

Integrating virtual dentalconsultations is vital for inhibiting and reversing harmful oral side effectsof several types of cancer therapies. Oral side effects can potentially delayor complicate cancer treatments, therefore compromising the patient's abilityto beat these terrible diseases. Speaking with a virtual dentist will improvehealth outcomes, lower health care costs, and improve health care quality.

“This partnership is important forpatients to have access to dental care during their difficult treatments. Beingable to provide comfort and relief from dental concerns to patients while theyundergo cancer treatments is tremendous, and we are thrilled to work with SideEffect Support.” According to Dr. Maria Kunstadter, Founder of TheTeleDentists.

Jill Meyer-Lippert RDH, Founder ofSide Effect Support states, “Side Effect Support’s partnership with The TeleDentistsprovides an amazing opportunity to provide care to a severely compromised andunderserved demographic. While oral health improves patient comfort, treatmentoutcomes, and quality of life into survivorship, it remains an area of needthat is often unmet. This is a major step in filling that void. “

AboutThe TeleDentists 

TheTeleDentists delivers vital dental services virtually wherever, whenever adentist is needed. A proprietary, national network of licensed dentists usesecure online video consults to connect with patients’ smart phones, laptops,or tablets. They evaluate problems, provide patient education, startremediation and, when needed, arrange next business day appointments with aconveniently located dentist. Visit

AboutSide Effect Support LLC

Side Effect Support LLC offers a convenient sourcefor patient education, affordable over-the-counter products, and access toeffective prescription products to help reduce symptoms and oral health riskscaused by chemotherapy side effects, head & neck radiation treatments andsome targeted therapies.  Visit