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According to the recent health surveys, it has been noticed that oral health is the most ignored health problem by most of the citizens. In fact, almost one-third of the US population did not see a dentist last year. Oral health plays a critical role in the day to day life- oral problems are faced by millions of people on a daily basis. Ignoring a small oral infection can lead to a serious condition, ultimately requiring a huge amount of the patient’s time and money.

The TeleDentists is an emerging solution provider that brings cutting edge solutions for all oral health problems. The company was founded as an accessible response to urgent oral and dental problems which is available for 24 hours, 7 days a week and all the 365 days. As a pioneer in teledentistry, it uses a proprietary, a national network of Board Licensed dentists who enable secure, online video consultations to connect with patients through smartphones, laptops or tablets. The preliminary diagnosis is started immediately and is done through dialogue and video conversation with the dentist. After diagnosing the problem, these dentists start with the remediation as soon as possible by e-prescription and/or arranging an appointment, when necessary, according to the patient’s convenience. Unfortunately, people mostly face oral problems in emergency cases due to lack of resources. To solve this problem, The TeleDentists has made the oral healthcare available to various hospitals, urgent care facilities, retail clinics, self- insured corporations, senior-living centers, universities and telemedicine service providers. Along with this, the company has gone direct to consumers since June 2019.

The Dedicated Personalities of TeleDentists

The dynamic persona behind the exponential growth of the company is Howard Reis, the CEO of The TeleDentists. Through his experience of 25 plus years in telemedicine, growth and success were greatly focused. He has worked with two separate teleradiology companies and helped them achieve the Inc. 5000 status of the fastest-growing private companies. He played a key role by providing making new strategic initiatives while working for several major healthcare institutions. He made huge contributions to major companies and consulting firms like Accenture, The Castleton Group, Telmarc and SAIC/Bellcore.

Dr. Maria Kunstadter and Dr. Michael Sigler, the Co-Founders of The TeleDentists came up with an idea to address the silent epidemic of oral diseases. The co-founders are dentists, well-known nationally and internationally, with an appreciable combined extensive experience of more than 65 years. They saw an opportunity to divert patients from emergency rooms, address their immediate needs using teledentistry, and triage them into actual dental offices. Both of the co-founders play a crucial role in managing the company as the company’s acting President and the Dental Director respectively.

Enhanced Services

According to the vision of The TeleDentists, the company is providing a new dimension to virtual dental care and providing immediate assistance 24/7/365. A next day appointment is scheduled at the time of diagnosis. The company brings in numerous benefits of virtual dental care that has made the patient’s life much easier.

The TeleDentists also provides benefits:

  • Enhances patient access to dental care and pain relief
  • Eliminates guesswork about what is wrong
  • Avoids unnecessary, costly trips to the Hospital ED or Urgent Care clinic.
  • Supports dental practices nationwide by providing patients

Furthermore, unmet market needs are solved due to various services provided by The TeleDentists.

Today, over six million people annually experience an urgent dental problem but lack access to a regular dentist or are unable to find a dentist who can see them quickly. Hospital Emergency Department (ED) dental visits are of significant and costly public health problems. The American Dental Association documents over two million annual ED visits in the US for nontraumatic dental problems. If the EDs not equipped or staffed to provide definitive dental solutions, symptoms are treated, but problems remain unresolved. For all these problems, TeleDentists is the answer,” says Dr. Kunstadter.

Inspiring Journey

The TeleDentists evolved when a patient had called up in the middle of the night to complain about his toothache to their dentist. Considering the seriousness and urgency of the situation, the company was created in the United States of America. According to a research, it is said that about 125 million people did not see a dentist last year. “Oral disease is an epidemic, a pandemic even; it will be a long and tedious journey. But we are willing to take one and improving lives with one smile at a

time,” Dr. Sigler says.

For its outstanding services, The TeleDentists was presented with “The 20 Most Disruptive Healthcare Solution Providers 2018” award.

Making Lives Easier

One of the most impactful consultations involved a patient who was complaining of jaw pain. During the virtual consultation, it was noticed that the jaw of the patient was uneven and misaligned. The dentist reviewed the health history and the dental complaint and then interviewed the patient. He complained of difficulty and pain while closing his mouth. Later, it was disclosed that the patient had his jaw set in an emergency room after an incident where it was broken. With the symptoms and the visual diagnosis, the dentist was able to determine the patient’s jaw was set incorrectly and would need further corrective surgery. That patient was appointed with an oral surgeon for care. Such cases are rare but need proper and immediate examination which is offered by The Telehealth.

Insights on Telehealth and The TeleDentistry

The TeleDentists believes that telehealth/teledentistry will benefit society by reducing healthcare costs and increasing accessibility. The billions of dollars that are spent in emergency rooms on dental codes can be put in towards actual dental treatment for the betterment of the patient. It is now possible to pick up a smartphone, laptop or a tablet and speak to a dentist in the comfort of the patient’s home. In rural communities, there is a lack of oral care but almost everyone has access to the internet and a cell phone. The TeleDentists has made this the main agenda of the company as it has been growing.

TeleDentists Roadmap

In the recent years, 1 in 5 medical visits was through telehealth services. As the telehealthcare industry is budding, The TeleDentists is riding on top of the wave. Being the only national dental platform, it is most important to grow further and reach the top. The main aim with respect to the future growth is to connect with hospitals, pharmacies and large retail companies and slowly eradicate the fear of dentists while arresting the epidemic of oral diseases.

Mission Statement:Our goal is to integrate oral health back into healthcare so that people can be healthy from head to toe. We are improving peoples’ health one smile at a time.

About The TeleDentists

The TeleDentists offer "the first of its kind" virtual dental service. A national network of licensed dentists utilizes a variety of virtual tools (smart phones, tablets, laptops) to assist in diagnosing remediate and, when needed, arrange local dental appointments the next business day.  They are headquartered in Kansas City MO.

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