K Pharmaceuticals Launches Aquoral Protective Oral Spray for Dry Mouth Relief

K Pharmaceuticals
Phoenix, AZ
July 14, 2023

K Pharmaceuticals Launches Aquoral Protective Oral Spray for Dry Mouth Relief

Delivers Sustainable Relief for up to 6 hours

Phoenix, AZ (July 6, 2023) K Pharmaceuticals is pleased to announce the launch of Aquoral, a clinically proven oral spray for Dry Mouth. Also known as Xerostomia, it is a common, sometimes debilitating condition caused by disease, medication side effects, or other factors that result in discomfort or pain, and may affect the ability to chew, taste, swallow, and speak.

“Dry Mouth is an under-reported but important condition that can lead to serious complications, especially in cancer patients,” said Sheryl Riley RN, OCN, CMCN, Founding Partner of Clarion LLC, a firm specializing in oncology care management. “Over-the-counter remedies provide temporary relief but do not protect the oral cavity. Aquoral forms a long-lasting protective barrier over the entire

mouth, reducing moisture loss and maintaining the patient’s comfort and quality of life.”

Aquoral differs from aqueous-based treatments requiring patients to rinse-and-repeat up to ten times a day or to be mixed with water. Aquoral utilizes patented Oxidized Glycerol Triesters (OGT), a plant-derived, lipid-based technology. Previously marketed as Xerostomia Relief Spray and available only to dentists, Aquoral can now be prescribed by all healthcare professionals licensed to do so.

“As a pharmacist who specializes in oral medicine, I know that many prescriptions and over-the-counter medications can cause Xerostomia, which may negatively affect daily living activities and also result in serious oral health issues, such as gingivitis, periodontal disease, or mucositis.” said Thomas Viola, RPh, CCP. “It has been my experience that lipid-based therapies, such as Aquoral, are superior to water-based formulas in helping to prevent oral disease and provide long-lasting relief.”

Aquoral is available by prescription only. For full prescribing information please visit www.aquoralspray.com.

About K Pharmaceuticals - Founded in 2022, K Pharmaceuticals is a privately held pharmaceutical company founded by passionate individuals who are dedicated to making innovative medications more accessible to patients. Aquoral is the perfect first product for K Pharmaceuticals to bring back to market. Undervalued by its previous owners, it brings tremendous benefit to its patients based on its technology and differentiating factors.