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Be the First to offer TeleDentistry to your patients with the My TeleDentist Program

We can help you brand your office as a technology leader. The TeleDentists can drive more patients into your office.

Continue to see your patients during this Covid Crisis.

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Provide better customer care Using Teledentistry

• Provide Teledentistry to your own patients for: Emergency calls

▪ Many can be handled without sitting in your chair and using up valuable staff/chair and office time

▪ Can e-prescribe medication to palliate patient until appointment o Avoids HIPPA violations

▪ Don’t use Skype or email o Post Op calls via video or chat

▪ Save chair time and patient time by doing post op calls with Teledentistry

▪ Great for oral surgery, large crown/bridge cases, periodontics, etc.

• Orthodontic follow-ups

▪ Aligner monitoring

▪ Save patient time coming into the office

▪ Save chair time and expense


Improve Office Efficiency and Productivity

• Patient gets The TeleDentists info at an initial visit

• Easily download link so they can access their dentist any time

• Accessing the link on the website—increases your SEO

• Landing Page customized for your office

• Your doctors, hygienists and staff exclusively answer the calls

• Marketing materials and press release developed for your local market


Software License

$99/month for Primary Doctor 

Each additional Doctor or other provider - $12/month Name Branded Reception Room, Marketing Materials and Press Release template – NC  Training – Includes live training up to 2 hours, pre-recorded video training available,  $50 per hour for additional requests Potential Optional Service

PRN--coverage by The TeleDentists as needed

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