Tooth Fairy

Parents always have their kids’ best interests in mind. One of the most important things parents can do is to ensure their children establish proper oral hygiene habits from young, so they can have strong, healthy teeth for life. Characters like the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus are an excellent way to make the holidays more special, but the Tooth Fairy provides a unique opportunity regarding dental health. Starting this tooth fairy tradition is not only a way to celebrate losing baby teeth, but it’s also a fun and creative way to educate your child about the importance of dental care routines.

Remember when your baby grew their first tooth? At first, you barely knew anything about how to clean one milk tooth. Now they have a full set of teeth waiting to fall out. Losing any of them is a big deal for your child. If your child is about four to six years old, you can prepare them to meet the magical tooth fairy soon. We’ll share with you the tricks of the trade that you can take advantage of to create a meaningful tradition with your kid to get them excited about dental health.

Know More about the Tooth Fairy

Every family has its own tradition when it comes to the Tooth Fairy, but the most well-known one includes leaving the milk tooth under your kid’s pillow. Other families engage the Tooth Fairy by placing baby teeth in special boxes or cups on the nightstand. When they’re fast asleep, the Tooth Fairy is famous for leaving little treats in exchange for the tooth. If you’re concerned about misleading your children when it comes to mythical creatures, it’s totally fine not to talk about the Tooth Fairy. You can just as easily turn this into a game of pretend and create an exciting ritual out of putting your little one’s tooth underneath their pillow overnight.

By doing this, you’re not only creating fun, but you’re also helping your little one process a potentially frightening and confusing time of their life. They’re losing a part of their body for the first time, and it can even be traumatic for some children. In such a crucial transitional period of their lives, having a tradition that celebrates their development and growth can offer your child some much-needed comfort.

How We Can be the Tooth Fairy

When your child starts losing baby teeth, it’s time to introduce them to us – their virtual Tooth Fairy! During the video call, we can teach them about the rewards of good oral hygiene and regular dental visits. This can be a way of incentivizing children to become more confident in visiting dental clinics as they grow.

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