Tooth Eruption

It takes babies a few years to go from that adorable gummy smile to a full mouth of teeth. The first tooth is usually one of the first few milestones of a baby, so first-time parents may feel anxious when this happens. The process of tooth eruption is mostly viewed as a benchmark for the maturation and growth of healthy kids. During this period, proper oral care helps in the development of strong, permanent teeth to last a lifetime.

Know More about Tooth Eruption

When a baby turns six to eight months old, their first tooth starts to emerge. Children usually develop a set of 20 primary teeth, which serves various developmental purposes. This includes establishing proper speech, forming great nutritional habits, chewing, and holding the right amount of space in the jaw for the eventual emergence of permanent teeth. Typically, kids grow about four new primary teeth every six months from the appearance of their first tooth. The tooth eruption process tends to begin earlier for girls than boys, and the lower set of teeth also usually forms before the upper set. Upon reaching the age of two to three years, most children will have a complete set of primary teeth.

In due course, the baby teeth begin to fall out as the first permanent teeth begin appearing around six to seven years of age. These teeth emerge in the back of the jaw and are called the six molars. When these teeth appear, parents need to take note of them and ensure they are well-maintained since they need to last a lifetime. What’s interesting is that these molars play a significant role in the process of forming a person’s lower face shape, on top of influencing the condition and positioning of the other adult teeth. When a child reaches 13 years of age, you’ll usually see at least 20 of their 32 permanent teeth or more. Bringing your child to visit a dentist is useful to understand whether their progress is normal and how they can better take care of their teeth to sustain them for a lifetime.

How We Can Help Manage Tooth Eruption

Visiting your dentist regularly and practicing excellent oral hygiene will keep your child’s teeth strong, healthy, and free of cavities. A pediatric dentist can examine your child’s teeth and discuss with you how you and your child can begin taking proper care of their teeth. Topics like brushing methods, areas to focus on depending on their mouth structure, and smart lifestyle choices that can affect dental health will be discussed.

Why Choose The Teledentists' Dental Services for Pediatric Oral Health Concerns?

At The Teledentists, our pediatric dentists focus on development, growth, and decay prevention when it comes to your child’s tooth eruption. When you rely on us, you’re choosing a lifetime of healthy teeth for your child. What’s even better is that we’re available 24/7 to help you when your normal dentist is not available.

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