Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the process that makes your teeth appear whiter and brighter. There are many methods you can approach if you want to whiten your teeth. They include bleaching, sanding down stains, ultraviolet light therapy, and many more. You can try these methods at home, or you could visit a dentist for recommendations. Some methods can cause uncomfortable side effects, most noticeably gum irritation and tooth sensitivity. Not sure if teeth whitening is for you? Get into a video chat with one of our Teledentists to get the best advice on teeth whitening.

Know More about Teeth Whitening

To whiten your teeth effectively, you should choose a method that combats the type of staining that you have. If you are not sure what type of staining you have on your teeth, it is best to consult us. Our dentists can give recommendations based on the type of stain and which method is the most effective.

Teeth whitening includes options ranging from toothpaste that contains whitening ingredients to professional teeth whitening sessions at the dentist. Some products remove extrinsic stains from your teeth, while others bleach the stains, so they appear lighter in color.

Over-the-counter options utilize hydrogen peroxide to break down and minimize stains on the teeth. These chemicals are known to be sensitive and aggressive in higher doses. It is important to use teeth whitening products as directed by our dentists. If unsure, talk to us regarding any sensitivity issues you might be facing when using the products at home, especially if it causes redness to your gums or tooth pain.

How We Can Help with Teeth Whitening

Teledentistry is a new innovative way of providing dental care. By choosing The Teledentists, you can expect dental care from the comfort of your own home. This will benefit those who do not have immediate access to dental care. With remote patient sessions, we see what is needed and do not waste time or resources. It is proven that teledentistry service costs up to 10% less than in-person consultations at the dentist. If you are also looking for a convenient way to seek advice regarding teeth whitening, teledentistry is an excellent option for you. We at The Teledentists have created this virtual care technology that can be easily accessible anywhere, be it at the home, office, or even while driving, it is that convenient.

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