Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency can take place at any time that often prompts people to visit the Emergency Room. With professional services from The TeleDentists, you can save time and money and get expert care and genuine prescription to address your dental emergency through your virtual dentist. The TeleDentists provides dental care to people when and where they need it. Get a virtual dental consultation now!


Toothaches involve experiencing a sharp pain in your tooth everytime you bite into something. They may take you by surprise and leave you with watery eyes and throbbing gums. Tooth pain can have a number of causes and you may not necessarily notice something in your teeth for you to get a tootchache. At The TeleDentists can help you to determine what might be the reason behind your pain and help you to eat normally again.


Experiencing a toothache can make you miserable the whole day. It may actually be a sign of a tooth infection that requires immediate attention to prevent it from causing even severe dental problems. The longer you wait, the further the infection can spread to other parts of your mouth. The TeleDentists can help identify sources of dental disease that may have caused the infection. We will recommend the necessary treatments and scans to help you regain that beautiful smile.

Decay or Cavities

Cavities involve several areas in the hard surface of your teeth that have become permanently damaged. The damaged areas develop into tiny holes or openings and can be caused by several factors like frequent snacking, bacteria in your mouth, not cleaning your teeth well, and sipping sugary drinks. If you have cavities in your teeth, get it checked via a virtual consultation at The TeleDentists. We can recommend you on the products you need to use to prevent decay and strengthen your teeth.

Wisdom Teeth

To know if your wisdom teeth are erupting, look out for irritating in the gums. This may cause slight swelling behind the second molars. You may also experience aches and pains around your jaw as well as in other areas like the eyes and ears. Consult with The TeleDentists and we will recommend the necessary treatment.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are the most common type of gum disease but it may also be an indicator of other health problems. Consult The TeleDentists for professional dental care and prescription.


Bacteria that builds up in the mouth may cause an infection and will cause inflammation to the gums. Without proper treatment, the inflammation may continue to cause swelling. Get professional dental care from The TeleDentists to know the causes and treatment options of inflammation.

Why Choose The Teledentists’ Dental Emergencies Services?

At The TeleDentists, you can connect to a virtual dentist almost instantly in just 10 minutes or less. Our team of dental experts is available 24/7 and their services are accessible from almost anywhere. We offer professional standard and emergency dental help to address various dental issues that you are facing without requiring you to travel physically to a dentist’s office. Whether you have chipped a tooth or just want to get a brighter smile, our virtual dentists are ready to help.

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