Decay or Cavities

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Decay or Cavities Treatment by Professional Dentists

Cavities involve several areas in the hard surface of your teeth that are permanently damaged. The cavities can develop into tiny holes or openings and they can be caused by various factors like frequent snacking, bacteria growth, improper cleaning of teeth, and excessive sugar intake. Cavities and decay are among the most common health problems in the world and they often affect children, teenagers, and older adults. However, they may also affect anyone with teeth, even infants. Professional cavity treatment can include fluoride treatments to help restore your tooth’s enamel and may also reverse the cavity in some cases. Tooth decay can usually be detected through an examination of your mouth and teeth. Your teeth may be probed with dental instruments to examine for soft areas. Dental X-rays may also be necessary to find out the extent of decay and cavities.

Benefits of Professional Decay or Cavities Treatment

Cavities are not always noticeable and you may not even be aware that they are forming. Regular dental checkups can identify cavities and other dental problems before they evolve into more severe dental issues. By seeking professional cavity treatment, you have greater chances of reversing the early stages of tooth decay and hindering its progression. Enamel can repair on its own through the use of minerals in saliva as well as fluoride from toothpaste. However, if the tooth decay persists, more minerals can be lost. This will ultimately weaken the enamel and destroy it to form a cavity which is permanent and can only be repaired through professional treatment.

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