As your child grows, it becomes increasingly important to take proper care of their dental and oral health. As soon as they have their first tooth, you should start brushing their teeth with a children’s toothbrush and toothpaste twice a day. Get onto a video call with us around the time your child is one year old to ensure their oral health is on good track.

Why is Brushing Important to Oral Health

Ensuring your child brushes their teeth regularly is one of the easiest ways you can help your child stay at the top of their oral hygiene.

After meals, leftover food substances mix with the bacteria inside our mouth to form plaque. The sticky, filmy substance coats the gums and tooth enamel. Though the development of plaque is a natural occurrence, letting it sit between the teeth and gums can lead to significant damage. Bacterial acid comes into contact with food particles and feasts on them. When bacteria in the mouth digest the food, acid is released as a by-product. Just as acid is corrosive to other substances, it eats away at the enamel, causing cavities and tooth decay. The longer we allow food substances and acid to remain on our teeth, the larger the cavity grows. When plaque inside your mouth calcifies, it turns into tartar. The hardening process that converts plaque into tartar takes only a day. However, we can prevent this by brushing our teeth regularly.

Brushing twice daily can help to remove the plaque between the teeth before it hardens into position. When the plaque is still soft, it doesn’t take much effort to floss or brush it away. Since tartar is also porous, it becomes an active breeding ground for bacteria to wreak havoc on our teeth.

How We Can Help with Good Brushing Techniques

Dentists can tell a lot about your child’s oral health just by looking at the state of their teeth. When you have a dentist regularly check on your child’s dental health, they can educate you and your kid about their oral health and inform you of any potential blind spots or areas your child tends to miss while brushing or flossing.

Many individuals think they’re brushing the correct way, but people usually miss the areas that are hard to reach, especially children. Dentists can tell whether your child has been using the right amount of strength or technique while brushing and if they brush often enough. Being aware of the good oral hygiene techniques your child should keep up with and the ones they should stop is critical to sustaining the health of their teeth for longer.

Why Choose The Teledentists' Dental Services for Pediatric Oral Health Concerns?

Healthy dental habits are the best way to avoid any costly and invasive treatments in the future. It is true that some dental problems aren’t avoidable, but following your dentist’s advice when your child is still young and learning about dental health can surely help them to avoid potential issues as they grow.

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