Bleeding Gums

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Bleeding Gums Treatment by Professional Dentists

Bleeding gums are the most common symptom of gum disease. They may also be an indicator of other issues concerning our health that can be prevented with early treatment. Periodic gum bleeding is common and may be a result of vigorous brushing of the teeth. However, more frequent bleeding of the gums may be a sign of more serious health problems like periodontitis, vitamin deficiency, leukemia, and lack of clotting cells. Good dental hygiene is the first step to tackling bleeding gums. Professional cleaning by a dentist twice per year is also highly recommended to control the condition. A dentist can also determine if you have gingivitis to resolve the problem at an early stage to prevent periodontal disease.

Benefits of Professional Bleeding Gums Treatment

If your gums continue to bleed persistently for more than 7 to 10days, a dental cleaning is required to remove tartar and plaque that can promote the healing of your gums. A lab work may also be requested so as to determine if any vitamin deficiencies are causing your bleeding gum problem. When treated early, a dentist can determine whether your bleeding gum problem is caused by dental health issues and find out the main cause of the problem. The dentist can also recommend suitable supplements to strengthen connective tissue to protect the lining of your gums. For persistent bleeding of the gums, the dentist may also make the necessary referrals to have other aspects of your health checked by a professional healthcare practitioner to determine if you have any related symptoms of illnesses.

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