The TeleDentists Partners with ToothLens to offer AI Dental Screenings to Patients and Dental Offices

August 18, 2022

Always on the leading edge of dentistry The TeleDentists gives patients what they are demanding: outstanding technology with incredible service.

Lead generating and remote patient monitoring just got easier, with The TeleDentists and ToothLens. Now, dental offices can upgrade their practice and patients’ dental experience with state-of-the-art technology. The TeleDentists presents ToothLens, an AI-powered dental hygiene self-check app that scans teeth photos to help patients improve their dental hygiene from home while the dentist uses TeleDentistry to monitor their progress. ToothLens uses AI to identify possible occlusal and facial caries and tartar buildup, encouraging patients to improve their home care and maintain regular dental visits.

How can a dental office use The TeleDentists+ ToothLens?

1. Remote Consultation: Asynchronous and Synchronous remote consults with patients

2. Remote Monitoring: Monitor existing patients for orthodontic, post-op, and hygiene compliance.

3. Digital Lead Generating: Get to know patients digitally before they visit the dental office. Perform an initial assessment and triage to the office accordingly.

4. Screening Patients: Identify a true dental emergency or if the patient can be palliated with an antibiotic until the first available appointment on Monday.

“TeleDentistry is the newest tool in dentistry” states Leah Sigler, President of The TeleDentists. “By incorporating TeleDentistry and ToothLens scanning from home, any dental office can add a ‘virtual’ chair for increased revenue and patient access, while reducing actual chair time and waste of PPE.”"Dentist's time is expensive… With AI powered self-check and remote monitoring technology- patient acquisition, engagement and retention becomes a lot easier, increasing efficiency and productivity," Dr.Manoj Rajan, CEO of ToothLens

Now, The TeleDentists+ ToothLens is offering the ultimate dental technology package to better serve dental offices, their existing patients, and encourage acquisition of new patients. For only $150 a month, dental offices can use The TeleDentists HIPAA compliant platform to start offering TeleDentistry in their office and offer patients unlimited scans with ToothLens. For the first 10 dental offices that sign up, The TeleDentists and ToothLens will include a consulting style of engagement where they can establish objectives on marketing optimization and drive patients to their office for free in the next 60 days.

For more information, please visit or contact Leah Sigler at leahs@theteledentists.comAbout The TeleDentistsThe TeleDentists® offer “the first of its kind” virtual dental service. A national network of licensed dentists utilizes a variety of virtual tools (smart phones, tablets, laptops) to assist in diagnosing, remediate and, when needed, arrange local dental appointments the next business day.

About ToothlLensToothLens is an Ai powered dental self-check and remote monitoring platform that helps consumers to monitor their dental health and dental offices to improve their patient acquisition, engagement and retention.

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