The TeleDentists and Total Health Screens Join to Offer Diabetes Testing in Dental Offices

The TeleDentists
August 23, 2022

In the constantly expanding world of telemedicine, The TeleDentists and Total Health Screens are now partnering to expand access to Diabetes Testing into dental offices. This offering will allow patients that visit the dentist to be tested for diabetes while in the office. Furthermore, patients can connect to a telemedical team member if the tests results need further medical attention. Poor oral health, gingivitis and periodontal disease are highly correlated to diabetes, so this program will help the patients and the dentists to improve oral and overall health.

Total Health Screens has been connecting oral and general health and now partnering with The TeleDentists, expanding dentists’ and patients’ access to digital care. Dentists can improve their patients’ overall health, boost treatment outcomes, and create a patient journey that delivers preventative health screens. The new partnership ensures that the patient can be treated by the right specialist at the right time and in the right place.

Through the Dental/Medical Integration Program, The TeleDentists is now making an impact on improving oral health with a patient-centered approach to care that reduces health care costs. There is a proven connection between oral health and systemic health and this patient-centered approach will actively contribute to value-based care and improve patient outcomes.“

We are happy to expand our service with Total Health Screens” states Dr. Maria Kunstadter, Co-Founder and CEO of The TeleDentists. “Diabetes is the first of several screenings that we will be providing at the dental office. The CDC estimates that 100M dollars in healthcare can be saved if dentists preform health screenings. Now’s the time to improve healthcare delivery for all.”

Partnering with The TeleDentists team combines the essential tools and technology to offer both the patients and clinicians the resources to know any underlying conditions that allows for the best oral health outcomes possible.

About Total Health Screens

Total Health Screens provides the equipment, training, and technology to deliver preventative health tests within the dental patient journey. These tests include diabetes (Hab1c), cardiovascular (full lipid cholesterol) and vitamin D risk markers. Our mission is to bridge the gap between oral & general health and show patients how dentistry is a major part of ones’ health plan by bringing the mouth back to the body.

About The TeleDentists

The TeleDentists® offer “the first of its kind” virtual dental service. A national network of licensed dentists utilizes a variety of virtual tools (smart phones, tablets, laptops) to assist in diagnosing, remediate and, when needed, arrange local dental appointments the next business day.

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