Second Opinions

Save money by confirming your diagnosis, with The TeleDentists Dental Second Opinion with AI Evaluation.

Second opinions are a great way for a patient to confirm a diagnosis or learn about a different treatment plan. They’re best for evaluating treatments that require complicated or costly dental care like root canals, implants and braces.

The TeleDentists offers expert Second Opinions in these dental sub-specialties:

You will need an electronic copy of your x-rays from the dentist prescribing the procedure. Click the link below to upload this information to our AI Evaluation partner KELLS and complete the questionnaire. After the AI has evaluated your images, you will receive a detailed, written report on the findings, with treatment recommendations by a TeleDentist in your state. If you want to discuss your treatment options with your TeleDentist, simply book an appointment on our secure telehealth platform. You can have a face-to-face conversation with the TeleDentist to go overtreatment options, referrals, and more!