We are increasingly expanding access to tele-dentistry. The TeleDentists is NOW a direct to consumer service. Simply click the "Talk to a Dentist Now" buton to access your dental consult. In addition, we offer our service to hospitals, urgent care clinics, senior living centers, self-insured corporations and schools – places where people with urgent dental needs live, work and go for help when a dental problem emerges.


Furthermore we also wholesale our service to existing telemedicine companies, brokers, resellers and insurance companies. Tele-dentistry can be added alongside other telemedicine services such as tele-psych and tele-derm.


We are increasingly expanding access to tele-dentistry. Find a hospital or urgent care clinic in your area that displays our banner:


“The TeleDentists – We Can See You Now”

How Hospitals and Urgent Care Clinics Access Our Service


Facilities license The TeleDentists software as a service (SaaS) onto their computer systems. They pay a small monthly license fee and a per consult fee. The hospital or clinic bills the patient or their insurance for the visit and collects the patient’s co-pay. The facility can bill Medicare or Medicaid for the visit and bill for dental diagnosis using approved CPT codes


How Telemedicine Companies, Brokers and Resellers Access Our Service


Increasingly, more telemedicine companies and their agents/brokers are adding additional medical specialties to their offering. Tele-dentistry aligns well next to tele-derm and/or tele-psch. We wholesale our branded service to you. You mark it up and resell it to your customers. Or, we can white label a tele-dentistry service using your brand. Once the agreement is in place the rest is simple.

  • One touch link from your site to The TeleDentists landing page

  • Easy connect video consult for your members/patients with a Board licensed dentist.