Before going to the ER or Urgent Care clinic, get on the road to recovery with a virtual care dental consult.


The TeleDentists® proprietary national network of experienced, Board Licensed dentists are on-call and available 24/7/365 to provide virtual dental consults via laptop, tablet or smart phone.  They diagnose the patient’s problem and get them started on remediation, which may include an e-script for an antibiotic and/or non-narcotic pain medication. When follow-on care is needed, next -day appointments are booked with an appropriate dentist, conveniently located near the patient. 


The TeleDentists can also perform an Oral Health Assessment Program, including:


* Oral health assessment

* Caries susceptibility assessment

* Fluoride varnish program

* Access to network of dentists for patients

* Consult on oral sores, lesions, swelling and/or infections, prescribing medication when indicated

* Advise on broken, sensitive, or misaligned teeth

* Prescribe necessary remedies and medications to alleviate pain

* Provide advice as to whether a patient problem is medical or dental


Our consulting dentists can:

* Help evaluate your dental goals

* Conduct follow-up consultation after your dental work has been performed

* Discuss questions about a proposed treatment plan


Discuss with you common dental questions such as:


* When does my child start to get or loose teeth?

* Is this tooth in the right place?

* Do I need braces?

* Why is this tooth dark?

* My gums bleed when I brush my teeth. What’s wrong?




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