I’d like to receive an online second opinion from a Periodontist


Periodontists are the expert authority on diagnosing and treating periodontal disease. If you have advanced gum disease, or have been struggling to keep your gum disease under control, you should see a Periodontist.




Full mouth survey radiographs

Pano and bitewings acceptable  (x-rays of entire jaw and side teeth)

Perio charting (charting of bone loss)

Intraoral photos for grafting (if available)

Bitewing Radiograph

X-rays of Side Teeth


X-ray of Entire Jaw

Disclaimer: if the patient does not present with the required records, the specialist can determine that there is insufficient documentation to recommend or agree with the diagnosed treatment. ​



  • Patient Adds Necessary Documents to their Computer Desktop (x-rays, photos, documents all stored on their computer) as directed on the instruction page before consultation.
  • Patient locates necessary documents and saves to Desktop before starting a session!
  • Try to keep multiple files grouped closely together
  • While in video session with reviewing dentist, patient drags and drops all pertinent files onto the video image of the dentist.
  • This will transmit them to the dentist