78% of patients are ready for teledentistry. Are you?


The TeleDentists can help brand your office as a technology leader. The TeleDentists can drive more patients into your office with teledentistry, an exciting way to tap your hidden resources.


October, 2019 survey by DentaVox

How can teledentistry help your practice?


Provide Better Customer Care Using Teledentistry! See patients without using up valuable staff/chair and office time. For emergencies, e-prescribe medication to palliate patient until their appointment. Avoid HIPAA violations, unlike Skype, FaceTime, or email. Excellent for Post Op calls via video or chat after oral surgery, large crown/bridge cases, periodontics, etc. Meet first time patients face-to-face rather than behind a mask!

Discounted Delta Dental TeleDentistry Solution

(Initial fee is reduced to $125 for anyone that signs up before September 15)


$250 set up fee includes:

  • Customized URL (limited) for each office
  • Customized “Waiting Room” for each office
  • Credit Card set up and processing for consultation fee
  • 2 Hours Free Training
  • Media Kit including press release, social media, patient newsletter notifications and SEO key words to increase traffic to website
  • Price: $89 per month per office (includes 2 logins).  Each additional login $12
  • 5% Service fee on monthly charges (includes integrated credit card processing, monthly utilization reports)
  • 25 calls/month capitation additional calls billed at $5/call
  • First 30 days free
  • 12-month contract

Easy Payment Options


We offer an integrated credit card payment system, or allow you to use your own if you're already using the system of your choice.

Tailored to Your Office's Needs


Our team will customize your virtual reception room, share marketing materials with you and a press release template when you sign on for the My TeleDentist program.

Free Training Session


When you're ready to dive in, our team will guide you through the process and teach you the program. We offer up to 2 hours of live training and we have pre-recorded video training available as well.

We're Always Open, Even if You Aren't


Out of the office or on vacation? We can take your calls for you so you do not lose any patients. We can be available after your office closes for the day and place them on your schedule for when you return.

 It's time to offer teledentistry in your office!


Let The TeleDentists and Delta Dental guide you to becoming a forerunner in dental technology and treat your patients with the best technology.

How can the My Teledentist program help you during COVID?


The My TeleDentist program will allow you to be able to screen patients before they arrive in the office, saving you and the patient time and money. You will also have the opportunity to virtually meet new patients (unmasked) before they come to the office.

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