We offer our service to hospitals, urgent care clinics, senior living centers, self-insured corporations and schools – places where people with urgent dental needs live, work and go for help when a dental problem emerges.


We also wholesale our service to existing telemedicine companies, brokers, resellers and insurance companies. Tele-dentistry can be added along side other telemedicine services such as tele-psych and tele-derm.


How corporate clinics / senior living centers / colleges & university access our service


Facilities license The TeleDentists cloud-based service onto their computer systems. They pay a small monthly license fee and a per consult fee. Having the convenience of on-site access to a virtual dental consult saves the facility money, saves the patient time and money and avoids unnecessary trips to the ER.


A Corporate Clinic uses its regular system to collect a co-pay fee (if any) from the employee, just as they would if the patient had been seen by a physician at the onsite clinic.


A College or University installs our service into their medical center and pays the small license fee and a per consult fee. It becomes a valuable service for both employees and students. Medical Center bills the patient or their insurance for the visit and collects the patient’s co-pay.


A Senior Living Center also downloads our cloud-based service onto their computer system.  Our on-call dentists perform a virtual consult with the patient and avoid unnecessary trips to ER by ambulance. The facility can bill Medicare or Medicaid for the visit and bill for dental diagnosis using approved CPT codes.