Drs. Maria Kunstadter and Michael Sigler

Both nationally and internationally known dentists with a combined 65+ years of providing dental care.  Their entrepreneurial success includes building and selling three businesses over the past 10 years.


Howard Reis  |  CEO

 25+ years of Telemedicine experience with a focus on company growth and success, especially in teleradiology


Leah Sigler  |  Director of Operations

15 years in the dental field, 5 years of Dental hygiene


Dr. Daniel Uzbelger  |  Director of The TeleDentists en Espanol

Dental clinician, researcher, academic and entrepreneur. First Hispanic adopting Teledentistry


Advisory Board

The Company’s Board of Advisors comes from a variety of software, healthcare, regulatory and financial backgrounds. They bring valuable telemedicine experience and entrée into major hospital, retail and software companies 


 Francie Stoner 

30+ years at Cerner Corporation, consulting management team dynamics


Lynn Nicholas 

former CEO of the Massachusetts Hospital Association


Scott Lakin 

past State Representative and Missouri Insurance commissioner


Richard Simpson, DMD

Pediatric Dentist and oral health advocate‚Äč



Phil Templeton M.D.

Former Professor and Chairman of Radiology, University of Maryland, early teleradiology pioneer


Paul Dominique, DMD

Pediatric dentist and former multi practice owner.


Bill Lewis MD, MBA

Senior Consultant on Telemedicine for Fortune 500 companies