The Future of Dentistry Podcast with Dr. Maria Kunstadter

The TeleDentists: Delivering Top-notch Dentistry Services at Your Doorstep in a Cost-effective Way

by InsightCare


Cavities, worn tooth enamel or fillings, gum disease, fractured teeth, or exposed roots are some of the most common dental problems that have been prevalent since ages. According to a prominent research, more than six million people annually experience an urgent dental problem but many find it challenging to find a right doctor on immediate basis.


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The TeleDentists Partners with Resellers, Employers, Health Systems, Urgent Care:  Brings National Dental Teledentistry Solution to Millions of Americans


Thanks to a growing number of industry partnerships, employer relationships and reseller agreements, the TeleDentists’ unique teledentistry solution is now available to provide consultations for non-traumatic urgent dental care at any time and from anywhere.-- representing a full spectrum of healthcare delivery in multiple settings  from hospitals and urgent care centers to colleges ....


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The TeleDentists Take the Telehealth Market by Storm

The Next Wave in Telehealth and Virtual Care


When attendees at the largest event in telehealth saw our booth, they were simply amazed since many were not aware of our company or the significant opportunity in teledentistry....


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Dentists Use Telehealth to Improve Access to Care - And Fight a Phobia


Dentists are looking to telehealth and mHealth to improve access to oral care during emergencies - and to convince reluctant patients to overcome their fear of the dentist's office.


by Eric Wicklund


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Teledentistry: Survey Shows Patients Are Ready to Welcome It


In our digital times, telemedicine is becoming a very popular topic for both patients and doctors. A recent survey by DentaVox addressed patient’s view on teledentistry, the remote delivery of dental care, consultation, follow-up care, and education over...


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Amidst a Pandemic, Teledentistry Takes Center Stage

by Kristin Hohman


In 1925, radio and publishing pioneer Hugo Gernsback wrote an article for his magazine, Science and Invention that predicted a device that would allow doctors to treat patients from afar.1 Gernsback called the device a teledactyl (tele for “far” and dactyl for ....


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How to divert patients from emergency rooms with teledentistry

by Dr. Katie Hawn


During residency, I received a diagnosis of benign essential tremor, which was a gut punch beyond my ability to process. Although I was able to practice dentistry while taking a beta-blocker, I experienced many unpleasant adverse effects, such as unrelenting dizziness, foggy thinking, and fatigue. I began to question my career longevity in terms of practicing clinical dentistry. ....


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COVID-19 Leads To Increase In Telehealth Services Including KC Startup

by Next Missouri


Since the occurrence of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an intense increase in demand for telehealth services. Because of this, the Federal Communications Commission granted funding to health care providers across the country through the COVID-19 ....


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by Dr. Steven Brownstein


Howard Reis is the CEO of The TeleDentists and the President of HEALTHePRACTICES. With more than 25 years of experience in telemedicine, Howard is an expert at leveraging new information technologies for the healthcare industry. 


Howard’s extensive specialties include teleradiology, teledentistry, medical imaging, telecommunications, and more.


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