Before going to the ER or Urgent Care clinic, get on the road to recovery with a virtual care dental consult.


The TeleDentists™ proprietary national network of experienced, Board Licensed dentists are on-call and available 24/7/365 to provide virtual dental consults via laptop, tablet or smart phone.  They diagnose the patient’s problem and get them started on remediation, which may include an e-script for an antibiotic and/or non-narcotic pain medication. When follow-on care is needed, next -day appointments are booked with an appropriate dentist, conveniently located near the patient. 


The TeleDentists can also perform an Oral Health Assessment Program, including:


  • Oral health assessment

  • Caries susceptibility assessment

  • Fluoride varnish program

  • Access to network of dentists for patients

  • Consult on oral sores, lesions, swelling and/or infections, prescribing medication when indicated

  • Advise on broken, sensitive, or misaligned teeth

  • Prescribe necessary remedies and medications to alleviate pain

  • Provide advice as to whether a patient problem is medical or dental


Our consulting dentists can:

  • Help evaluate your dental goals

  • Conduct follow-up consultation after your dental work has been performed

  • Discuss questions about a proposed treatment plan


Discuss with you common dental questions such as:


  • When does my child start to get or lose teeth?

  • Is this tooth in the right place?

  • Do I need braces?

  • Why is this tooth dark?

  • My gums bleed when I brush my teeth. What’s wrong?


Fast Response, Professional

Solutions For Most Dental

& Oral Health Problems 24/7

Anytime ... Anywhere

Dental services

How do you do dentistry by video?


We provide pain relief recommendations that can help you feel better immediately, including the appropriate medications if necessary. If the situation needs a dental visit, our network of dentists will see you at an appointed time and office, within 1 business day, to take care of your emergency.


How much do you need to see inside the mouth?


Reaching a preliminary idea about what’s happening in your mouth starts with a discussion. You tell what it feels like, we ask questions, we see you on the video, and then we can discuss various possibilities and outcomes. Definitive treatment will happen when you see your new dentist.


How do I know your dentists will make the right diagnosis?


All of our consulting dentists are Board licensed and carefully screened by our company. The dentists we refer you to are pre-screened by two national companies using only the best dentists available.


Our goal is to give you both relief from discomfort and treatment at your preferred dental office. You will have the opportunity to discuss your treatment plan with your treating dentist.


Will I be able to use my dental insurance?


We make every effort to connect you to a dentist on your insurance plan.


How much does your service cost?


Some telehealth plans include a dental consultation with your package. If you visit a kiosk at a retail walk-in clinic or hospital, prices vary based depending on the facility.


Will my dental insurance pay for the consultation?


Probably not, but our network search assures you that you will get a dental referral if necessary to an office that takes your insurance for the work required.​



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